Spitwhitle featuring Mickey Bones

Hello, We Are Spitwhistle. We play Americana, Yes Depression, and Crappalachian Mountain music.

Yes this is another Mickey Bones project. Mickey does most of his gigging playing Louisiana music in New England - go figure.

He started Spitwhistle when when he was living in Somerville MA.. He had just rented a small but beautiful home with a huge yard full of fruit trees, grapevines, nice fully matured fir trees, a gazebo and two cat houses (one built like a schoolhouse and one like a church) for the many wild cats that came around to the neighborhood. One of the deals in getting this nice house was that he had to feed and water the cats. Mickey then proceeded to rent out all the rooms in the house and live in the basement so he could live there for, as Mickey says, 25 cents an hour.

Mickey was not experienced as a songwriter and had never played any of these instruments before writing these songs. After five rehearsals all but two of the four people Mickey had asked to join the band had left in disgust over the lack of ability that he was showing on the dulcimer, ukulele, Hawaiian steel guitar, banjo and pennywhistle.

The drummer needed to play more because she was new at it, so she was willing to play. The upright bassist was married to her, so he stayed too. Unfortunately they broke up four months later and with their marriage, so went the band.

Mickey Bones kept at it, and after some music lessons, called on a couple of old friends who were a little more sympathetic to his cause.

Rehearsals started in earnest and in six months Spitwhistle added a lead fiddle player and a trumpet player. Mickey by this time had the opportunity to rent a cheaper apartment with more rooms, in a more vibrant neighborhood, kicked out his awful roommates and past the old house and stray cat care over to his recently exed-girlfriend, who couldn't seem to remember to take her Prozac (bye-bye). His new digs were great, he built two walls, made two new bedrooms, creating a total of four. He quickly rented out three to much cooler people than in the last place, sound proofed his room and started having rehearsals with all sorts of groups, including Spitwhistle. With the line up solidified and Mickey not doing too badly on his new instruments, they decided to take these sixteen songs into the studio.

Mickey Bones - Banjo, Ukulele, Appalachian Dulcimer, Second Fiddle, Hawaiian Steel Guitar, Fake Bongos, Songs and Vocals

Brian Rost - Acoustic Bass

Emily Jackson - Drumset

Daniel Kellar - Lead Fiddle

Keiichi Hashimoto - Trumpet and Flugelhorn